Never the Devil's Slave (Renegade remix)

by Mindbender Supreme

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My version of this classic shit. Fuck the world, I'm on the level.
Fuck anyone who doesn't think so.


Yo it's several different levels to killing your inner devil
And fulling your inner potential while ripping wicked instrumentals
The violins might inspire violence or seismic shockwaves
So when the song plays, close your eyes and pray in silence
Now rise and shine wide open like legs to eggs to the fallopian tubes
Showing the nude, little boys grow a boner when viewed
The naked truth is raping you plus giving you fellatio too!
And cunnilingus with lovely English, then hugging and embracing you
I got the car keys to the heart beat of a godly supermodel
Body a half Aria Giovanni, half Veronika Zemanova
Ugly dummies get crash tested
Are their spare parts made of General Motors or are you part Ferarri Testarossa?
Is there any electric voltage generated between your head & shoulders?
Or does the spark of thought start to leave your mental engine smoking?
Concentrate for juice til you're blue in the face like a Smurf
But never will know world Domination, man your lyrics are so wack
Your rap album couldn't be resurrected by Dr. Dre's touch, punk!
Since I'm in a position to get inside these minds as they listen
I'll give advice and wisdom to children so they won't die in a psychotic prison
I'ma penetrate deep over this Renegade beat with so much love a Ku Klux Klan member could never hate me
When I give 'em a piece of truth their head of state would never say
Until he's taken hostage in a Section 8 Project with 7 generations of ghetto pain,
Treacherous snakes wrecking they dreams, leaving bad memory stains of death and hate!
History is written by the killers with the most vicious victories
Or whoever segregates and regulates the voting machines on Election Day
I spit pepper spray raps in the devil's face, and send him straight back to Heaven's Gate fast in a car-jacked Escalade
I'm so damn fly, it takes me to the end of space and back
Forever great as I elevate rap to a better place
With a tongue made of a 900 degree temperature flame blast
You lukewarm rookies are more pussy than a domesticated cat
Like a flesh molester, the second you enter, you get your face slapped!
Sucker hustlers couldn't even make cash in the summer at a lemonade stand
Fucker! It's Mind-chigga-Mind-ch-Mind-Mindbender, Holy like Mecca
Word is born like the fourth trimester... cause I'M NEVER FAKE!

Now I gotta say some of the realest shit you ever heard to make a murderer meditate... I'm never fake!
I talk raw truth, liars and frauds act hard, really they're just hard to educate... I'm never fake! x2

I have to hustle, it's like exercise to flabby muscles
I want a couple hundred million like Russell Simmons
To yoga my way out of the back breaking struggle
So many rappers but so few classics, some still numb and unimpressed
If you could flow doing backflips, plus scratching a turntable that you juggle while breakdancing on a graffiti sprayed canvas that you made
They still won't think you're as hot as cat piss, put you on a blacklist
Like you'll never work in this town again, fucked like you had an anal halo floating around your head
That's politics, you swallow dicks, of whoever is the strongest pimp
It's so bad escaping a major label deal without being raped is a major accomplishment, there's no business like show business
Open your soul surgical to go vertical, up close and personal expose all your business, it's not a game but it looks like one
More dangerous than swallowing flaming swords but it looks like fun
Mostly over bullshit is how beef gets made, that's why the good die young
Yo, I'm an artist to some, a modern Leonardo Da Vinci
A Black Jesus: but that's redundant to those following with me
come join the audio activists, speaking the blasphemous logic into your consciousness
Conquering those that cannot think
Since every fact is accurate, I'm like an alien satanist, raising hell to where spaceships exist
One of my favorite tricks is to clip your guardian angels wings
I decided I would do it first!
I'm brighter and faster than Lucifer: me, him and the Goddess all bring new balance to the Universe
The beautiful truth of this music can hurt... but do you see
See its as simple as kindergarten, easy like Sunday Morning
To cut your neck off so your head's got nothing supporting
Knock it off your body, split bricks like a chop of karate
Expose your brain to let all the illogical thoughts free
I'm motherfucking nice, liquid soul crushed on ice
The most high with a blunted mind
Motherfuckers love to hate outright and keep their love inside
To segregate us from being one, so let these lessons penetrate your head today
And elevate to a better fate
Check Mindbender's great excellent display
Doing mental spray bullet high speed robberies
I'll get away with your precious brain!
I drop thought bombs and gem grenades
The God to whom the human devil prays
Rock the mic til your idea of heaven and hell has changed
Mindbender on the rhyme level of Eminem and Jay
Cause I'm forever a motherfucking RENEGADE!!!


released August 3, 2017
produced by Eminem
recorded by Mindbender
remixed by The Riksha for Slept-On Studios




Mindbender Supreme Toronto, Ontario

Mindbender Supreme:
Canadian hip hop legend/Renaissance God

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