Dead Wrong aka Living Dead with the Wrong Righteousness

by Mindbender Supreme

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Dutty ass remix of 'Dead Wrong' from No More Mr. Fucking Nice Guy Vol. 2
One of my filthiest recordings ever! YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED :)



You rappers ain't dope
I'm sonic hydroponic talking marijuana smoke
leave your throat broke, the unknown unloads
Mindbender for Mayor: rap slayer, sneak attack invader
motherfucker, God ain't doing you favors
Hell's fury, full of snakes, fuck a witch to escape,
make her coochie happy and nut on her face and her ass,
massacre the snatch, dug deep in the tummy,
no mistaking who makes it lovely! I don't wanna hate ya
But how long will it take ya?
To check me, respect me, loud mics kill fakers,
who's the one you call Mr. Colossal, underground fossil
wonderful sound from Toronto, I got so much flow I should be down with the Flowtronics, wake up & make up, we could make dope product
smell the smoking chronic, hypnosis melodic,
beat snort comatose til you overdose but you can't stop it,
you won't remember shit! just one view quick
you hitting the floor, then your gorgeous girl switch
I'm sucking on her lips, tits, then headed for the clit
and it's a daily habit that she'll just never want to quit!
I guess I was a combination of B.I.G. and Tupac
Hit Em Up mystery: Who Shot Ya? and made your crew drop
blast ya, master of the universe where you can't be a star
fuck your head up when I bust in your e.a.r.!

the strong or the weak, who's like GOD on a beat?
when I'm dead and gone, please believe it's me!

When I get blunted, I act like a drug abusive husband,
Mary Jane is my dame, problems with my wife: don't discuss 'em
causing an evacuation of Satan! I'm the most underground superstar in all the rap constellations, I feel no sympathy for the devils
in the reverend's ministry and the wife who turns tricks for cheap
while the kids asleep, as the husband is pimping dreams
invisibly controlling souls with a known god that's also a mystery
go from a happy scene to a savage tragedy where everyone cannot breathe, after I poison the roots of your family tree
my boobytrap makes gangsta trannies tits up when they attack
man, Mindbender ain't going out like that...
your godfather's crawling back in his mama's womb
first person perspective of death like Doom
winter killer and they won't find the rotten body til June
who you think you're fucking with? nobody controls me, not even the god damn government,
hardcore, I'm bout to bust like two titties
you'll get it if you're witty, I'm like a clit: don't nobody fuck with me
I'm using withdrawal, probably have no kids tomorrow
if so, I'll have to sell 'dro pounds outside of Toronto... fuck!
yo, you know I love 'em young cute and untrained, ready for orgasm tasting, know what I'm saying? hahaha the feeling's mutual, baby...


There's several different elements to human body disposal, its:
limb dismemberment, fake suicide note penmanship
covering sick stenches quick, cleaning the grime outta the scene of the crime, strangers! maggots! danger! but I won't explain more...
I'll just ask you to listen to the rap that I'm spitting
facts killing blasphemous b!tches bullshit bout African cannibalism
I got a tiger in my testicles, I'm not Lion, it's quite a spectacle
and my dick eats sweet pussycats, that's how I earn my revenue
I'm ending the beef/ who's ready for Peace
let's spread it thru streets/
lessons, directions for anyone who said he was deep
yeah, mine's unfriendly and mean, but it's remembered as real
to protect my neck from the deadliest beasts
Mindbender step on the scene, exit a nightmare, enter a dream
I spit so sick it's like a special disease
projectile guillotine put your severed head at my feet
scream for help you'll never receive
in Hell til the last second you breathe
better believe you're Dead Wrong not thinking I'm the BEST MC!

by Mindbender Supreme

1,2,3... It's kinda dangerous to be an MC
They shot Tupac and Biggie
too much violence in hip hop

why haven't we ended the self-destruction? IT'S DEAD WRONG.


released July 19, 2017
Produced by Mindbender :)
Recorded by Mindbender
Mastered by Patrick 'Riksha' Bardos of Slept-On Studios




Mindbender Supreme Toronto, Ontario

Mindbender Supreme:
Canadian hip hop legend/Renaissance God

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